General notes


All requests will contain Accept-Language header reflecting user’s language set in browser. It will be used e.g. for correct language in error messages.



Dates are serialized into JSON as strings, We are using UTC and ISO 8601 Time zone format.

So, java.util.Date is converted using SimpleDateFormat yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSSX

We live in CEST (Central European Daylight Savings Time) timezone, which is +2 of GMT. So, for example, date value with date only and no time is serialized like this:


And after deserialization using yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSSX SimpleDateFormat you will get 2016-05-03 in CEST timezone.

you can also use just date yyyy-MM-dd

HTTP status codes

Status code Usage

200 OK

Operation ended sucessfully

400 Bad Request

When FIS-side validation fails. This status code contains error message(s) which are typically to be rendered to the client. See HTTP 400 Error message

404 Resource not found

When requested URL does not exists

500 Internal error

When there is some technical error (exception). This error is not to be rendered to the client.

Instead something like There is an technical error, please contact helpdesk should be displayed

something else

Some API uses other codes, then they are documented in these APIs. For example /login request returns 403 when login fails

HTTP 400 Error message

			"severity":"ERROR", (1)
			"message":"Counter Party is required"
			"message":"Spot margin must not be null",
			"errorCode":"EB-1001" (2)
	"severity":"ERROR"  (3)
1 as of now severity is always ERROR. Reserved for future use: WARN, INFO
2 If there is a need to custom handle error at your side (and not just display it to the client), Error will have a code to identify it.
3 Overall severity is worst case of all severities, so now it is always ERROR

End Points




A GET request to receive list of currency rates vs CZK

Path parameters

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Response fields

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Contact form

A POST request to fill a contact form

Request fields

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Service status

A GET request to get status of IB and PSD2 services.
If this API returns http status 200, then refer to status of individual services (status can be UP or DOWN)
if this API returns some error http status or is not available at all, consider all services DOWN

Response fields

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